Personal Loans belgium

Personal Loan belgium

A personal loan is a collateral-free loan based on income documents of an individual or company. Since this is an unsecured loans Ireland thus the borrower’s past track records of loans & credit score has to be good.

Personal loan processing is very easy as it required fewer documents as compare to any secured loan but it always attracts a high rate of interest & shorter repayment period.

Any financial institutional looks for credit score & income because they are not your friend and it is strictly a business transaction, therefore your good income documents & credit score will help the lander to land the money.

Personal Loan can only be availed for any valid purpose, be it a wedding expenditure, a holiday, or purchasing consumer durables, the personal loan is very handy & caters to all your needs. The number of loans can be ranged from 50000 euro to 3000000 euros

c & the tenure for repaying the loan varies from 1 to 5 years.


  • Salaried Individual
  • Self Employed Individual
  • Professional Individual
  • NRI’s
  • Shipper
  • Wedding Expenditure
  • Holiday Expenditure
  • Purchasing Consumer Durables
  • Furniture or Renovation at Home or Office
  • Jewelry Expenses etc..
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Get rid of Credit Card outstandings
  • Get rid of obligations from friends or family
  • 50000 euro to 3000000 euros
  • Max 500000 euros to NRI & Shipper
  •  1 to 5 yrs (Depending on the organization you are working)
  • How Loans With No Guarantor Work?

    The Irish loan marketplace has been witnessing an amalgamation of traditional and modern lending approach pursuing by the direct lenders. We are indeed the new-age lender where the loans are given on the INSTANT APPROVAL with removing the compulsion of presenting a co-signer.

    The main benefit of approaching Loansonclick Ireland is the chance to submit the application for loans with no guarantor or no credit check. The main reason behind introducing such loan product is the growing demand from the people with poor credit histories. No person is going to trust on their financial capacity and consequently, ignorance from the conventional lending institutions becomes their destination.

    But not here…

    Indeed, we accept their loan applications with open hands and provide the financial assistance under the product of bad credit no guarantor loans. Few simple steps are required to apply for these funding sources and all of them are based upon online.

    Benefits Of These Loans Are:

    •  Easy to qualify
    •  Amount as per your need
    •  No checking of credit history
    •  Providing collateral is not mandatory